Below are the Winter 2017/18 fixtures.

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Sat 30/09/20172:00pmInternalBarry Cook TrophyH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sun 01/10/20172:00pmFriendlyKCIBAH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 04/10/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeaguePrince ArthurH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 07/10/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueFolkestoneA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 07/10/20179:30amTournamentUnder 18s TriplesH6 Triples
Sun 08/10/201710:00amFriendlyUnder 15s Boys and GirlsH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sun 08/10/20172:15pmFriendlyDeangate RidgeA6 Mixed FoursWhites
Wed 11/10/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueMote ParkH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 14/10/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueOysterH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sun 15/10/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueThanetH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 18/10/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueSwaleH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Thu 19/10/20172:00pmFriendlyKLIBAH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 21/10/201710:00amDennyOyster Home & Away2 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 21/10/201710:00amYetton TrophyOyster Home & Away2 Ladies FoursWhites
Sun 22/10/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueSwaleA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 22/10/20179:30amClassic TrophyH6 Mixed TriplesGreys
Wed 25/10/20172:00pmFriendlyBetteshangerA4 Mixed TriplesGreys
Sun 29/10/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueMote ParkH6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 29/10/201710:00amEgham TrophySwaleA Ladies FoursWhites
Wed 01/11/20172:00pmFriendlyNew RomneyH6 Mixed TriplesGreys
Wed 01/11/20172:30pmLadies Kent LeagueStone LodgeA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sun 05/11/20172:15pmMens Kent LeagueDeangate RidgeA6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 08/11/20172:00pmFriendlyEgerton ParkA6 Mixed FoursGreys
Sat 11/11/20172:00pmFriendlyCrystal PalaceA6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 11/11/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueThanetA6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 15/11/20172:30pmLadies Kent LeagueOysterA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Wed 15/11/20172:00pmFriendlyWealdenH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 18/11/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueStone LodgeA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sun 19/11/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueWhite OakA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 19/11/20179:30amClassic TrophyH6 Mixed TriplesGreys
Wed 22/11/20172:00pmCountyKCIBA vs SurreyH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 22/11/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueMote ParkA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 25/11/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueAngel TonbridgeH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sun 26/11/20172:00pmFriendlyThames SportsH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 28/11/20172:00pmCountyKLIBA vs EIBAH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 02/12/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueAngel TonbridgeA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 02/12/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueWhite OakH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 02/12/201710:00amDudley HoileHome and Away2 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 03/12/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueStone LodgeA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 03/12/20172:00pmFriendlyDeangate RidgeH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Wed 06/12/20172:00pmFriendlyBetteshangerH4 Mixed TriplesGreys
Sat 09/12/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueAngel TonbridgeA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 09/12/20172:00pmFriendlyPiscatorialsH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Wed 13/12/20172:30pmLadies Kent LeaguePrince ArthurA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Wed 13/12/20172:00pmFriendlyHamstreetH4 Mixed TriplesGreys
Sat 16/12/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueFolkestoneH6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 17/12/20172:00pmMens Kent LeagueRoyal Tunbridge WellsH6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 17/12/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueRoyal Tunbridge WellsA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Wed 20/12/20172:00pmLadies Kent LeagueThanetA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 06/01/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueSwaleH6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 07/01/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueSevenoaksH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 10/01/20182:00pmFriendlyWoolwich AfternoonH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Thu 11/01/20182:15pmFriendlyWealdenA6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 13/01/20182:30pmFriendlyHaveringH6 Mixed FoursGreys
Sun 14/01/20182:00pmMens Kent LeaguePrince ArthurH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 17/01/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueSwaleA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Wed 17/01/20182:00pmFriendlyEastbourneA6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 20/01/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueStone LodgeH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 24/01/20182:00pmFriendlyNew RomneyH6 Mixed TriplesGreys
Sat 27/01/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueWhite OakA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 28/01/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueRoyal Tunbridge WellsA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 28/01/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueRoyal Tunbridge WellsH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 03/02/20182:30pmFriendlyCrystal PalaceH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sun 04/02/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueOysterH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 07/02/20182:00pmFriendlyRochester Blind GroupH5 Mixed TriplesGreys
Thu 08/02/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueFolkestoneA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 10/02/20189:30amTournamentTwo Wood Drawn PairsH Mixed Other
Sun 11/02/20182:00pmMens Kent LeaguePrince ArthurA6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 14/02/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueThanetH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 17/02/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueDeangate RidgeH6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 18/02/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueSevenoaksH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sun 18/02/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueSevenoaksA6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 21/02/20182:30pmLadies Kent LeagueBromleyA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 24/02/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueMote ParkA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 25/02/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueBromleyH6 Mens FoursWhites
Tue 27/02/20182:00pmFriendlyVCDH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 03/03/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueAngel TonbridgeH6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 04/03/20189:30amInternalCharity DayH Mixed Other
Tue 06/03/20182:00pmFriendlyKent County Patrons - CANCELLEDH6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 07/03/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueBromleyH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 10/03/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueSevenoaksA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sun 11/03/20182:30pmFriendlyGreenwichH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sun 11/03/20182:30pmMens Kent LeagueBromleyA6 Mens FoursWhites
Wed 14/03/20182:00pmFriendlyHamstreet John Farmer TrophyH4 Mixed TriplesGreys
Tue 20/03/20182:30pmLadies Kent LeagueWhite OakA6 Ladies FoursWhites
Wed 21/03/20182:00pmFriendlyTenterdenH6 Mixed TriplesGreys
Sat 24/03/20182:30pmFriendlyHaveringA6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sun 25/03/20189:30amTournamentSt James Place TournamentH Other
Wed 28/03/20182:00pmFriendlyEastbourneH6 Mixed TriplesWhites
Fri 06/04/20182:00pmCountyKLIBA President vs KLIBA Vice PresidentH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Sat 07/04/20182:00pmMens Kent LeagueOysterA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 07/04/20182:00pmFriendlyZippersH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Sun 08/04/20182:00pmFriendlyThames SportsH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Wed 11/04/20182:00pmFriendlyWoolwich AfternoonH6 Mixed FoursWhites
Wed 18/04/20182:00pmLadies Kent LeagueFolkestoneH6 Ladies FoursWhites
Thu 19/04/20182:00pmFriendlyEgerton ParkH6 Mixed FoursGreys